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Support Our Endowments

  1. PIONEERS ENDOWMENT - The Endowment for Pioneers in Advanced Spiritually-Based Practices in Clinical Care is integral to sustaining and retaining the Institute's internationally-recognized team of Pioneers who are furthering evidence-based research in this important emerging field. GIVE NOW

  2. RESEARCH LABORATORY ENDOWMENT - Using an evidence-based approach, the Institute’s multidisciplinary team will explore and document the benevolent effects of spiritually-based practices and interventions to achieve tangible health benefits. Preliminary case studies at the Institute have demonstrated the efficacy of spiritually-based practices and interventions to achieve rapid physical healing. The Genesis Laboratory's state-of-the-art recording equipment will capture never-before-seen footage of rapid wound healing in real time. (partially funded, Naming Opportunity) GIVE NOW

  3. TEACHING ENDOWMENT - The Teaching Fellowship Endowment is integral to underwriting the costs to develop a curriculum to train physicians and healthcare professionals to integrate Advanced Spiritually-Based Practices in patient care to deliver improved patient outcomes. GIVE NOW

  4. OPERATING ENDOWMENT - The Institute's Operating Endowment is crucial to maintaining the day-to-day operation of the Institute. GIVE NOW