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Genesis Laboratory for Healing Research

Genesis Laboratory for Healing Research, at the Institute for Spirituality and Healthcare, is dedicated to exploring and documenting the efficacy of advanced healing interventions to achieve physical health benefits across a wide array of health concerns. 

Preliminary Case Studies conducted at the Institute have documented the efficacy of advanced healing interventions pioneered at the Institute to achieve rapid physical improvement in participants suffering from a wide array of health concerns.
The Genesis Laboratory’s multidisciplinary team of Board-certified physicians, research scientists, and chaplains are using state-of-the-art diagnostic technology (MRI , Pet scan, ultrasound) and High- Definition (HD) Videography to capture, in “real time”, never-before-seen footage of rapid wound healing, rapid rehabilitative healing, rapid non-invasive aesthetic improvement, rapid post surgical anti-inflammatory healing, as well as rapid anti-aging effects delivered by board-certified healthcare professionals . 
The archival footage, capturing rapid wound healing in real time filmed within the Genesis Laboratory, will be used as a resource to inform healthcare administrators, the media and the public on the health benefits of integrating ancient healing wisdom into modern medicine to improve health and to enhance quality of life. 
The Institute invites Physicians, Research Scientists, Chaplains, Nurses and other healthcare professionals to join us on this exciting journey by collaborating in our research.  The Institute invites Patrons to to provide philanthropic support to sponsor participants, underwrite research studies (see "WAYS TO GIVE"), and to underwrite our landmark research studies. The Institute invites the public to become online members
The Mind-Body-Spirit interface is perhaps the greatest untapped mediator of physical change. Outcome results of preliminary case studies have demonstrated majestic promise in their capacity to save lives, save limbs, heal shattered bone, and restore disfigured faces. 
There exists a moral and scientific imperative to advance research in this important emerging field-we can do better.