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Current Studies

The Institute is seeking philanthropic support from private foundations,  individual  patrons and  corporate sponsors to  our public charity to underwrite  landmark Healing Studies.  Each of the following  studies was named after a study participant who took part in a  study  and experienced  substantial improvement  in his or her health challenge. These preliminary successes in  studies  provide a moral imperative to further study and learn  more about spontaneous and rapid healing.  
CURRENT STUDIES (2015- 2016)
Breadth & Depth  Efficacy Study
This study will be conducted to explore and document the efficacy of a mind-body-spirit approach to achieve tangible health benefits across a wide array of health concerns. (Limited to 20 Participants, M-F, Pediatric - Geriatric)
Landmark  Study: Integrative approaches to craniofacial reconstructive surgery.
 This landmark Integrative Surgery study was designed to explore the efficacy and viability of  an integrative approach to surgical and post  surgical care to deliver  improved function, improved aesthetic appearance, accelerated rehabilitation and improved quality-of-life for pediatric participants suffering from cranio-facial deformities caused by genetic disorders and trauma.  Case studies have demonstrated  substantial benefits. Team: D. Matthews, MD,--Surgeon;   J. Pierce. Farrell, APC--Chaplain.