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Integrating Healing into Healthcare
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Accelerated Bone Healing
Multiple Fracture: This Landmark Case Study documents the efficacy of integrating spiritually based practices to achieve rapid bone healing post injury. (Male 54 presents with monteggia fracture of ulna. Post intervention x-ray documents complete healing of bone.)
X-ray showing multiple fractures just below the elbow, Director Farrell integrating mind-body-spirit based practices and intervention, Multiple fractures just below the elbow
X-ray showing bone fractures healed, Before and after x-rays together
Post Surgical Healing
Participant needs to walk with a boot post surgery on achilles heel, Director Farrell holds up the swollen foot, Director Farrell integrating mind-body-spirit based practices and intervention
Rapid healing achieved in 30 minutes, Participant is able to walk without the boot
Rapid Burn Healing Study
Integrative Burn Care: “The Chase Study:” This landmark Case Study is documenting the efficacy of integrating spiritually-based practices to achieve rapid wound healing for those suffering from burns. (Female 26 years presents with 2nd degree burn on hand, inflammation and pain)
Study participant presents with  a second degree burn shortly before her wedding, The burn on her hand
Burn, inflammation, and pain healed in 20 minutes, The participant was able to enjoy her wedding, The participant  was able to use her hand fully
Persistent Coma
Documenting the process of integrating spiritually-based interventions in the care of hospitalized patient diagnosed with persistent coma (head trauma induced by brain swelling, 15 minutes post intervention patient is removed from ventilator, regains consciousness and for the first time meets her 3-month-old infant).
Woman with persistent coma (3 months) scheduled for termination of life support
Director Farrell integrating mind-body-spirit based practices and intervention, , Participant spends time with her husband and baby, Participant sees her baby for the first time
Aesthetic Improvement
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Educating the Public and Media on the Coming Integrating of Healing into Healthcare
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