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Pioneers at the Forefront of Healing Research

The Institute for Spirituality and Healthcare, Princeton, NJ, is engaged in documenting the efficacy of a mind-body-spirit approach to achieve rapid tangible health benefits across a wide array of health concerns. Through rigorous scientific research, the Institute has documented the efficacy of spiritually-based practices and interventions to achieve tangible health benefits in both hard and soft tissue.

Applications for Integrating Mind-Body-Spirit Practices and Interventions in Clinical Care: The internationally recognized research team of physicians, research scientists, and hospital chaplains at the Institute have documented case studies that demonstrate the efficacy of Mind-Body-Spirit Practices to achieve tangible health benefits in the care of the following health concerns: Post Operative Rehabilitation, Wound Healing, Fractures, Paralysis, Coma, Scoliosis, Burns, Inflammatory Disorders.Causing changes in the operating room

Implications of an Integrative Healthcare Model: The results of these landmark case studies at the Institute provide a compelling body of evidence suggesting that mind-body-spirit practices and interventions are more efficacious in achieving benevolent health effects than previously believed. Developing a teaching fellowship in Advanced Mind-Body-Spirit practices: The Institute for Spirituality and Healthcare, Princeton, NJ is nearing the completion of  developing a teaching fellowship program to prepare professionals to replicate and integrate advanced mind-body-spirit practices and interventions into their practices and healthcare facilities to deliver improved health outcomes.Through integrating these non-invasive spiritually-based practices and interventions in clinical care, tomorrow's healthcare professionals will be able to deliver improved health outcomes that will meet the growing demand of healthcare consumers for an integrative approach to their healthcare.